Olympic champion Linoy Ashram posted a Facebook post today (Tuesday) in which she shared her feelings before the finals of the multi-event competition at the Tokyo Olympics, which closed last weekend. “The only thing I wanted to do was go up to the surface and devour it with fire in my eyes, even in my best dreams I never dreamed I would return with a gold medal and the title of Olympic champion,” Ashram wrote.

The gymnast, who won gold after beating Russian rival Dina Aberdina by a margin of 0.100 points, opened her remarks and told about her childhood and how she got into the field: “When I was little, I was an active girl and my parents took me to a class near home to keep me busy. And a half, when I still did not know what it means to be an Olympics and what to do to get there. I remember how I would have waited impatiently for the biggest competition in Israel, I did not miss the competition for a year. The thought that in the future I will be the one to be asked. “

“Since I started dreaming big, a dream where I wanted to get to the biggest stage in the world in sports, to the Olympics. From that moment I told myself I would do anything to get there and so it happened, training became harder, longer, the difficulty level of exercises increased but it only hardened Me more and more, “Ashram wrote.

She then recounted her qualifying for the Tokyo Games, and the disappointment when they were postponed for a year because of the Corona plague: The fear that I would not be able to stay at the peak for another whole year. But I was not alone, Ayelet was with me all the way and at that moment knew exactly what to tell me. I realized that this year would not detract from me anything. “.

“This is something that has not yet been grasped, it will take me a while to digest what we have done, we have made history! Also two Israeli gymnasts in the Olympic final, also a gold medal and seventh place for Nicole Zelikman and first woman in Israeli history to win gold, who would have believed. I am just waiting to return to Israel and celebrate “The crazy achievement with all the people I love so much,” the Israeli champion concluded.

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