The best ranked Serbian tennis player, Nina Stojanović, advanced by three positions and is in the 110th place on the WTA ranking list published today. Stojanović has 690 points in the 110th position.

Olga Danilović, who is currently the 126th tennis player in the world, also took two steps forward, while Aleksandra Krunić advanced by four positions and takes the 144th place.

The first is still the Australian Ashley Barty with 9,077 points, followed by the Belarusian Arina Sabalenka and the Czech Karolina Pliškova.

Only the first three kept the same positions compared to the previous list, so again there were a lot of changes among the top ten in the world.

Czech Barbora Krejchikova, Garbine Muguruza from Spain and Ukrainian Elina Svitolina advanced by one position each and are now fourth, fifth and sixth in the world, while Greek Maria Sakari has taken two steps forward and is now seventh.

The biggest improvement of six positions was recorded by Ons Jabir from Tunisia, the semifinalist from Indian Wells, who is currently eighth, followed by Belinda Benčić from Switzerland and Naomi Osaka from Japan.

Indian Wells champion Paola Badosa of Spain, who started the year as the 70th in the world, advanced to 14th position and is in 13th place.

WTA list:

1. Ashley Barty (Australia) 9,077 points
2. Arina Sabalenka (Belarus) 7.115
3. Karolina Pliškova (Czech Republic) 5,320
4. Barbora Krejčikova (Czech Republic) 4,748
5. Garbinje Muguruza (Spain) 4,425
6. Elina Svitolina (Ukraine) 4,096
7. Maria Sakari (Greece) 4,005
8. Ons Jabir (Tunis) 3,500
9. Belinda Benčić (Switzerland) 3,365
10. Naomi Osaka (Japan) 3.326
110. Nina Stojanovic 690
126. Olga Danilović 596
144. Aleksandra Krunić 515

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