The Ukrainian team scored its first points in Euro 2020 today (Thursday) and broke a six-loss streak in the European Championship, thanks to a 1: 2 victory over Northern Macedonia thanks to which it kept a chance of qualifying for the quarterfinals of the tournament. The two stars in Andrei Shevchenko’s squad, Roman Yarmchuk and Andrei Yarmolenko, continued in fiery form as the West Ham striker scored and cooked and his team-mate scored the second goal of the game.

Yarmolenko and Yarmchuk have become the first pair of players ever to each find the net in the first two Euro games. Yarmolenko, by the way, has scored his third consecutive game for Ukraine, something he has not done since October 2016, and is the first Ukrainian to score in two consecutive games in a major tournament since his coach Shevchenko did so at the 2006 World Cup.

Beyond the significance of the result for each of the teams, it was a historic game when it comes to penalty kicks from 11 meters. Azgian Alyoski missed from the penalty spot before taking control of the rebound and shrank for the Macedonians, while Ruslan Malinowski also missed a penalty that was whistled for Ukraine in the 84th minute. This determined that for the first time in the history of the Euros, the two teams missed a penalty in the same game, with the figure of course not including games decided in a duel from the penalty spot.

After the two misses in today’s game, Euro 2020 has so far recorded four misses from 11 meters out of five penalties burned in total – the amount of errors is the same as that recorded in Euro 2016 in full. The last Euro where more misses were recorded was in 2000 and as is well known, the current tournament has many more games left.

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