Simon Bailes is one of the greatest athletes in the history of the United States, and at the same time several of the best gymnasts who have grown up in it of all time. With 19 titles as a world champion and four more Olympic gold medals, Bales has established herself as one of the most decorated gymnasts of the industry. Just over a month before the opening of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, it made headlines for a reason unrelated to the results on the mat.

Perhaps as a tribute to this, the American added a uniform with which she competes as a symbol of a goat (in English, GOAT = GREATEST OF ALL TIME – the best in history). “The idea was to give back to the haters,” she said Bailees She added: “I felt that no matter what I said, they would criticize me. On the other hand, all those critics allowed themselves to talk about me however they wanted. They laughed that if I put a goat on my leotard it would be pathetic. Then I said to myself: ‘The truth? It’s a real idea. “Not bad. Let’s get the critics to eat themselves, especially when my fans are dying for it.“

The 24.year.old Bailes then conveyed the essential message she was aiming for: “I hope children who grow up and see it are not ashamed to be good at what they do. That’s exactly my problem, when people bully others about something they are good at. I want children to learn. “It’s okay to internalize that you’re good at something, even excellent at it.“

Simon Bales | Jamie Squire/Getty Images

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