At least ten Brøndby fans are now banned from the club’s matches

Sunday was a black day for Brøndby.

On the pitch, FC Copenhagen outplayed their rivals and won 4-1.

It didn’t go very well in the stands either. Brøndby fans smashed 120 seats in the Park and on the way to the Park there were also disturbances.

Brøndby fans fired cannon shots at Copenhagen Central Station, which meant that it had to be closed briefly. At the same time, stones were thrown at the police on the road to the Park.

Now it has consequences for some of the fans who were involved in the unrest in connection with the match. Brøndby states this on its website.

– Despite the fact that we have had an in-depth dialogue and have been very clear that we wanted fans to support the team and not engage in violence or vandalism, there is unfortunately a group of individuals who feel above the large fan base and have community aside. It is simply grotesque, says Ole Palmå, who is the managing director of Brøndby.

– We are in close dialogue with the police and are currently looking through video material from yesterday’s Derby. We have currently identified ten people who can look forward to longer quarantines. At the same time, we would like to once again encourage people in the fan community to stand side by side with us as a club and say stop to those who use football as an excuse to resort to violence and destruction, says Ole Palmå.

The quarantines apply from today, and in a few weeks the length of the quarantine will finally be decided. There can easily be long quarantines of a year or longer. All depending on the severity of the offenses committed.

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