Football players from Denmark and Belgium, as well as fans at the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen, once again sent messages of support to Christian Eriksen, who is recovering in a nearby hospital in that city.

The match was stopped briefly in the tenth minute so that everyone present on the field, together with 25,000 fans, could greet Eriksen with thunderous applause.

At one tribune, the fans pointed out a banner that read: “The whole of Denmark is with you, Christian.”

That action was planned earlier.

Eriksen is recovering in a hospital in Copenhagen after experiencing cardiac arrest during Denmark’s first match at the European Championship against Finland.

According to the AP agency, the hospital is close enough to Parken Stadium that it is possible that Eriksen heard messages of support from his room.

The European Football Union (UEFA) also had a special message of support for Eriksen.

Before the start of the match, instead of the “ordinary” jersey of the Danish national team, the jersey with the number 10 and Eriksen’s last name was taken out on the grass of the Parken Stadium.

These jerseys are used to represent the teams before the start of the matches, but this is the first time that the name of the player has been written on any of them.

The match Denmark Belgium is in progress.

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