Gymnastics was a little more but it was a draw with Central Córdoba – Télam

Gimnasia and Central Crdoba tied in La Plata. Photo: Eva Cabrera.

Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata and Central Crdoba de Santiago del Estero tied this Saturday 2 to 2 at the Estadio Nico Ciudad de La Plata, in a match for date 18 of the Professional Football League (LPF) in which the local was slightly higher.

The visiting team opened the scoring with a great goal from Milton Gimnez, Gimansia turned it around with goals from Maximiliano Coronek and Luis Miguel Rodríguez, but once again Gimnez scored on the scoreboard and sealed the final tie.

“La Pulga” Rodrguez scored a penalty kick in the first half when the score was favorable for the Santiago team.

Gimnasia, which under the guidance of coach Nstor “Pipo” Gorosito, experienced a football recovery, could not achieve its third consecutive victory that would have brought it closer to the qualifying positions for the Copa Sudamericana 2022.

The team from La Plata, after chaining four victories in the last six dates, accumulated 40 points in the 2021 annual table and is four points from the South American qualification zone but with one more game played.

Central Córdoba, which has not yet won as a visitor, is still 24th. among 26 teams on the relegation table, which will take effect in the next tournament.

Photo: Eva Cabrera. Photo: Eva Cabrera.

Gymnastics, began blurred in relation to his last two presentations and thus, in the first dangerous play, the visitor surprised at 12m. with an excellent shot from Milton Gimnez at the corner to open the scoring.

The team led by Nstor Gorosito reacted and three minutes later the first opportunity presented itself with a shot from Alemn that hit Salomn’s hand, and that the referee Silvio Truco did not interpret as an infringement.

But at 27m., After a Carbonero cross and a clearance by the Santiago goalkeeper, defender Oscar Salomn deflected the ball with his foot and then with his hand and this time the referee took the penalty that could give the Wolf a tie, but Luis Miguel Rodriguez failed in the execution.

Photo: Eva Cabrera. Photo: Eva Cabrera.

In the second half, with a Gymnastics superior to Central Crdoba, turned on the attack and determined to seek equality, at 3m. A corner kick executed by Alemn from the right, was connected by Coronel, who volleyed hard and scored the equality.

And at 12m. Luis Miguel Rodríguez took revenge, took a rebound in the area and defined in a great way to turn the result around.

However, at 21m, Milton Gimnez left enabled and hand in hand with Rey the pic on the goalkeeper to mark the equality that would be final, in a match in which there was no lack of emotion.

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