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Finland and Sweden are testing a new kind of international match, where they compete in e-sports. After the pilot events, the national match is to be moved to the Olympic Stadium in 2024.

Finland and Sweden will compete in an electronic sports match, which will be organized in connection with the traditional athletics event in September.

“The first time is for testing. We will play five games online, after which we will ask for feedback on e.g. scoring and competition format”, chairman of the Finnish Electronic Sports Association Will Qvist tells STT.

According to Qvist, a trial national match will also be held in Stockholm in a year.

“The same discussions are taking place in Sweden, but there is no complete certainty about the organization.”

Main sight The Finnish Sports Federation and SEUL have a year of 2024, when an e-sports match would be played physically at the Olympic Stadium.

“With respect to tradition, we must also modernize our national matches at the Olympic Stadium. With the help of e-sports, we are able to reach completely new audiences who have not previously experienced or followed athletics as a form of sport”, commented the chairman of SUL Sami Itani in the bulletin.

Swedish athletics matches have been held since 1925.

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