The master of the Christmas market toward the end of Jens Baxmann’s career

In his time as a professional ice hockey player, Jens Baxmann has been the subject of one particular anecdote. Simply said, it is ludicrous. In his early years, the defender from Braunlage’s lower-class team was the Harz Mountains. He was so loud during a youth match versus the Eisbären Juniors at the Halberstadt Christmas market that the Eisbären nearly immediately took him with them. He traveled to Berlin in 2001.

Larger stories by Jens Baxmann followed this quaint holiday fairy tale. He became a key player during Berlin’s first golden age and won seven German championships with the Eisbären between 2005 and 2013. Even though he wasn’t their most prominent player during this time, he was regarded as reliability personified and made significant contributions. He scored an incredible goal from the penalty spot against the Hannover Scorpions in the semifinals, for instance, on his route to the second Berlin championship.

Baxmann played 39 times for his country, but things weren’t always easy for him. He once made a pointless trip to Hanover for the Germany Cup. He was informed that he had no room at a hotel reception. Most likely, the German Ice Hockey Federation made a mistake. Wernigerode’s edgy soft guy Jens Baxmann responded with comedy.

He departed Berlin in 2019 after 18 years and 860 appearances for the polar bears. He then worked at Iserlohn before concluding his career with the subpar Lausitzer Füchsen from Weißwasser. He has announced the end of his career at the age of 37 due to an eye injury that prevents him from playing. And being Baxi, he congratulated everyone for his successful ice career, including the medical professionals and physical therapists. Only one player from the polar bears’ dominant 1985 vintage is still playing today, and that is Frank Hördler.

As modestly as he initially appeared on the ice hockey scene, Jens Baxmann retired. He enjoys telling the tale of his finding and finds it interesting, incidentally. He acknowledges that some people may object and mention Baxmann and his tale of the Christmas market. But it’s true, the change in my profession was purely accidental.

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