Cukaricki’s football coach Sasa Ilic said today that he never thought it was possible that he would lead another club against Partizan, but he pointed out that he would have to keep his emotions to himself in the upcoming match of the Serbian Super League. this match, but he received a negative test for the corona virus and will lead the team from Banovo brdo away to Partizan.

“I spent almost my whole life in Partizan. I simply never thought that it was possible for a situation like this to happen. It is really specific, but now I am Cukaricki’s coach, it is up to me to keep the emotions, which I will definitely have, to myself. “, said Ilic, the club reports.

Cukaricki’s football players will be guests of the Partizan team tomorrow, in the game of the 15th round of the Serbian Super League. The team from Banovo brdo is currently third on the table with 25 points, while Partizan is the leader of the championship with 40 points.

“Partizan is fantastic this season, they play great football, competitively, with a great lead from the bench of colleague Stanojevic. They attack the black and white title, rightly, given the quality of the team. They have a wide roster of players, many individuals with great quality, always ready to they decide the winner with one move “, said Ilić.

According to him, a lot of things need to coincide in order for his team in Humska to achieve a favorable result.

“But, a bad opponent’s day is always possible, if we are at the maximum, everything is possible. The most important thing is for Cukaricki’s players to show character, so that there is no fear,” said Ilic.

“This is really a game in which we have nothing to lose, and we can gain a lot. I am sure that my guys have a lot of self-confidence, although the team is obviously shaken after the defeat by Loznica and elimination from the Serbian Cup. This is a good opportunity for our team. young guys to present themselves in the best possible light, “he added.

Cukaricki will go to Hum without the first scorer Djordje Jovanovic, who is recovering from the injury he suffered in Backa Topola, as well as Srdjan Mijailovic, who earned his fourth yellow card against Proleter.

“When there is no one, you can and must do without him. It will be an opportunity for some other guys to impose themselves, and already against Vojvodina and Proleter we have shown that we can play in a different lineup very well. Basically, this is the easiest, but also the hardest match. for Cukaricki. I repeat, we can get a lot from it, “Ilic concluded.

The match will be played tomorrow at 6.30 pm at the stadium in Humska.

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