– The Verona follows the crisis of Juventus forcing her to the second consecutive knockout, the fourth since the beginning of the season.

Al Bentegodi ends 2-1 thanks to the brace of Simeone, on the other hand, like Wednesday, the network of Mckennie.

The former Juventus Tudor hooks Allegri in the standings at 15 points, seriously questioning the position of the Tuscan on the Juventus bench.

The start of the match is all signed by Giovanni Simeone, who picks up where he left off just 6 days ago with Lazio, scoring a brace in a matter of minutes that immediately directs the match. The first goal is from an area robber after Szczesny’s rejection on Barak’s shot, the second is an absolute pearl designed thanks to a splendid right-footed shot from distance. The only signs of Juventus reaction are given Paulo Dybala, who tries a couple of times with no luck, even hitting a sensational crossbar right next to the interval.

The Argentine continues to play the charge even at the beginning of the second half, frightening Montipò with another left-handed player from outside, then Mckennie enters and the Scaligero goalkeeper must immediately smanaccia his attempt to finish. It will be the American himself, in the 80th minute, to score the goal that rekindles the hopes of Juve, shooting a nice right under the crossbar on an assist from Danilo. At 90 ‘the bianconeri close to a draw with the usual left-handed Dybala, this time aimed at goal but providentially neutralized by a super Montipò, who literally flies to cancel the tie of the number 10 guest.

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