Vlahović’s hat.trick in Fiorentina’s victory

The Fiorentina players beat Spezia today with the hosts with 3: 0, in the 11th round of the Italian Serie A.

All three goals for Fiorentina were scored by the Serbian national team player Dušan Vlahović in the 44th minute from the penalty spot, in the 62nd and 74th minute.

Fiorentina is seventh with 18 points, and Spezia is 18th with eight.

In the 12th round, Fiorentina will host Juventus, while Spezia will meet Torino.

In the same term, Empoli beat Sassuolo 2: 1 away.

Sassuolo took the lead with an own goal by Lorenzo Tonelli in the 43rd minute, and Andrea Pinamonti equalized and won with a goal from the penalty spot in the 83rd minute and Shimon Zurkovski in the first minute of the referee’s time compensation.

Empoli is 10th with 15 points, and Sassuolo is 12th with one point less.

In the next round, Empoli will meet Genoa, while Sassuolo will visit Udinese.

Genoa and Venice played a draw 0: 0 today.

Genoa is 17th with eight, and Venice is 16th with one point more.

Venice will welcome Roma in the next round.

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