Partizan basketball coach Zeljko Obradovic said that his team achieved a great victory against Juventud in the Eurocup tonight, pointed out the good game of Kevin Panther, who decided the winner, and praised the fans who supported the team throughout the game.

“This is a great victory for us, after a negative result at the end of the third quarter, there were 10 differences. We did not give up, we fought to the end with the incredible support of the fans. Victory means a lot in psychological terms, the players rejoiced as everyone We got a great opponent who knew he was playing pretty well the whole game. But the great player Kevin Panther decided the game with two incredible shots, “Obradovic told a news conference.

Partizan basketball players beat Juventud in Belgrade with 68:67, in the third round of Group A of the Eurocup, and achieved their third victory. Partizan was led by Kevin Panther with 18 points, of which he scored important points in the very end.

“We were preparing for the game like everyone else so far. We tried to understand what is most important in Juventud’s game and try to prevent it. We received a couple of easy points from the peak game, we analyzed the first half, we received from that one situation 11 points. The problem is not so much the defense as the attack, because we are a team that is aggressive defensively, and at certain moments there was not enough aggression on the ball, ie on the player with the ball, “said Obradović.

“At certain moments, we were confused about which defense to play. That is what I insist on and say, that the players who are on the bench should listen, because the game is such that changes are often made and if you don’t listen and you are not concentrated, you do It is a matter of concentration, youth and inexperience in our team, but we will insist on that, “he added.
Obradović was asked about the series 11: 4 after the time-out he took.

“We received eight points, and we played about the same as in the third quarter, where they scored 20. The strategy was the same, but when the desire works, when you want to throw yourself and predict things in defense, then it looks much better. It turned out that the most important quarter was where we won and broke with 11 differences, “he said.

Obradović congratulated the players, and singled out the Panthers’ game.

“I would single out Panther because he deserved it. Otherwise, I don’t like to single out the players individually. But it’s also the credit of the whole team, since we returned to the game in the first minutes of the last quarter without him. to talk about a team, the team is always the most important, “he said.

“Many of them are playing in this atmosphere for the first time, it’s interesting and they like it, but you need to understand that the audience is doing their job, and that they have to do their job, be concentrated, read the game, see some things. So much. But these are young people, it’s not easy for them to endure this kind of atmosphere. be concentrated all 40 minutes on the field, “he added.

Panther and Zack Ledej celebrated the victory in an embrace with the fans, and Obradović said that it shows their great desire to play.

“As a coach, I am happy to have the two of them as the most experienced players, who are an example to my guys in everything, from the way they work and how they behave. They felt energy from the stands. When I talked to them this summer, they knew what Partizan was. “Partizan is unique, there is no such atmosphere. In Europe, it can be compared to Panathinaikos fans and maybe Maccabi, and that’s it. They didn’t give up cheering us on until the last second, the greater the joy,” he said.

Obradovic invited fans to come to the match against FMP in the ABA league on Saturday, in order to help the team continue the series of victories.

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