Red Star football coach Dejan Stankovic said today that he believes that his team can secure spring in the Europa League in the upcoming game against Midtjylland and write new pages of club history. “We play at home, in front of our audience, at our stadium. We have the opportunity to provide “I believe we can do that because I know who I have at my disposal, who will come out tomorrow, so that together we can write new pages of history,” Stankovic told a news conference.

The Zvezda football players will play on Wednesday at 9 pm in Belgrade against Midtjylland, the match of the fourth round of Group F in the Europa League. In the last round in Denmark, the teams played a draw 1: 1.

“It was a real competitive match. They are a young team, well-placed on the field, they have individual quality and great speed. We managed to limit all their virtues in Denmark, we will look to do that tomorrow as well,” said Stanković. .

Asked whether Midtjylland will play better than in the first match, Stankovic said that the team will prepare in detail.

“It’s a very fast team, we will try to limit their speed, and then individual quality. We should come out of every duel as the winner. We have to fulfill more than what we expect to give. The group is the one who wins and the one who loses. we have many games, good and bad, we know where the flaws are, and above all we know where our virtues are “, he stated.

“I expect more or less a game like in Denmark, with the fact that we play at home. It is always special to play in front of our fans, it is a cup that can prevail on our side,” the red and white coach added.

There will be no striker Junior Brumad in the Danish team, and Stanković said that it will be a big handicap for the opponent. Also, midfielder Jens Kajuste will miss the match.

“A lot goes over Brumada, their game depends on what he is like. He will play offensive football, they will not change their mentality and way of playing, they will be offensive. They have adequate replacements in almost every position, they play in a nice system, offensive with a lot of running. “I don’t believe that the absence of Cajuste will have the same weight as when the striker is missing,” he added.

The star is the first in the group and with the victory, he could secure a place in the knockout phase of the competition in the spring.

“Against the team of Midtjylland, you can’t say that you will go for a draw, you have to go to win. At our stadium, no calculations are needed, so that we don’t get lost in that. The goal is clear, spring in Europe, whether we will win or not. draw, I don’t know “, stated Stanković.

Asked if he was considering third place in the group, the Zvezda coach answered in the negative.

Asked about the health situation in the team, Stanković said that he was satisfied, which can be seen because after a long time, he did not start the conference with that information.

“Not everyone is at the maximum, but it is satisfactory. Sanogo will train today, we will see how he feels. Everyone else is ok, everyone is in competition,” he stated.

Zvezda football player Aleksandar Katai said that the team always wins at home.

“We are the Red Star, we have no calculations, we fought for it, we prepared for it. We will give the maximum to win and write history. Everything is fine, I am ready. I did not play a couple of games, it will certainly affect, but we will see tomorrow, “he said.

Asked if he considers himself a key player of Zvezda, he answered in the negative.

“Certainly not. All the results we made, we made as a team. Tomorrow we go out like that, someone rises, will he help with a goal, assist, defense, that adorns us as a team. Individual achievement means nothing without teamwork, as “We win the team, we lose the team. What do goals mean to me if we don’t have results, wins and three points are important to us,” said Katai.

On the table of Group F, Zvezda is first with seven points, Braga is second with six, Midtjylland has two points, and Ludogorets has one.

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