The largest World Sports Film Festival in Milan, held from November 9th to 14th, will feature five Serbian films and three other regional films from this year’s Zlatibor International Festival.

Among the selected achievements is the best film from the 10th International Sports Film Festival on Zlatibor, “The Game of My Life”, by Aleksandar Miletić.

The documentary deals with the life and success of the famous basketball worker Bora Stanković, and the film was directed by Ivica Vidanović.

The film “The Whole Life in the Game”, by Branko Krstić, winner of the award for the best photography and design at the festival on Zlatibor, will also compete in the 49th festival in Milan.

The film by Dejan Nikolić, “From Mlava to the Thames”, deals with the successes of the gold and silver Paralympian Željko Dimitrijević, and at this year’s Zlatibor Festival it won the award for the best film about high moral values ​​in sports.

The films “Number 1”, by Vladimir Ristic, about the recently deceased goalkeeper Dragan Pantelic, as well as “Joc, Kica, and Marshal from Morava, Legends and Myths of Cacak Basketball”, by Marko Ljubomirovic, will also be presented at the festival in Italy.

In addition to Serbian films, the competition will include three regional films, “Ivan’s Game”, by Tomislav Žaja from Croatia, which talks about the sports and life destiny of the famous football player Ivan Gudelj, “Vaha-portrait of a legend”, by Igor Latinović from BiH, which won the award for the best director on Zlatibor, and which talks about the career of football player and coach Vahid Halihodžić, as well as the film “The Last Faruk Penalty”, by Edin Isanović and Armin Čolaković from BiH.

At the sports film festival in Milan, 20 sports film festivals will have representatives, and 116 films from all over the world will be shown.//

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