Stojković: We will not defend ourselves against Portugal, we will shoot with all weapons

The selector of the Serbian national football team, Dragan Stojković, said today that his team will certainly not defend itself in the decisive match of the World Cup qualifiers against Portugal, that it will “shoot from all arms” and pointed out that it wants much more than Qatar. wait, we will shoot from all weapons We assume that we will need a victory even though they are playing with the Irish in Dublin Let’s wait for that result too … and to send us off with applause after the game. I believe it will be good in the end, “Stojkovic said at a press conference in Belgrade.

Today, Stojković announced the list of players he is counting on for the match with Portugal, which is scheduled for November 14 in Lisbon.

The Serbian national football team is currently first on the table of Group A qualification for the World Cup with 17 points, ie it has one point more than Portugal, which has one match less.

Before that duel in Lisbon, the Portuguese football players will visit the Republic of Ireland. That match is on the program on Thursday, the same day when Serbia will play a friendly match with Qatar at the “Rajko Mitic” stadium.

Asked whether a possible placement at the World Cup would be his greatest coaching success, Stojković answered: “What kind of possible placement? We have to go to Qatar. Success yes, but the biggest no. Something big is yet to come.”

Stojković stated that as a selector, he set a goal for the national team to qualify for the World Cup.

“And if we don’t leave, it’s not a tragedy, there are no tragedies in sports. In Portugal we will play modern, brave football, don’t have a dilemma. Whether we will win, lose or play a draw, I really don’t know, but yes “Serbia will be right, it will be certain. And if we pass, we will not stop there. I am interested in much bigger things than qualifying for the World Cup,” he said.

Asked what should be different in relation to the first match in Belgrade for the victory in Lisbon, the selector stated that every game is different and that no two games are the same.

“You need to be concentrated, motivated, you need to be one goal better than Portugal. Very simple. Nothing will change in the preparation of the game. We are not interested in when we play against. We are only interested in how we behave on the field and how we can play our best. what we can. The name of the opponent is totally irrelevant, “Stojkovic said.

He pointed out that everyone in the team knows who Portugal is, but that it will not change anything in relation to how Serbia wants to look on the field.

“The same number of players will be on the field … That we will go there to defend ourselves or forget it with a white flag, that does not exist. We will go to attack and win. That is what we are thinking about,” Stojković pointed out.

Stojković referred to the period since he sat on the bench of Serbia and stated that he was satisfied with what has been done so far.

“I think we can be very satisfied with the game and the behavior and the points we have. A positive moment for the Serbian national football team from the match with the Republic of Ireland to the last one against Azerbaijan. We are satisfied, but the job is not finished, we want to continue,” he said. is he.

The selector said that he is happy with the good games of his players in his clubs, as well as that he is not worried about the smaller minutes of some.

“If I looked at it that way, many would not be here. The most important thing for me is that they are healthy,” he said.

He pointed out that he is happy that the players are motivated and that they can’t wait to come.

“I believe that they live for that game, they will be given the opportunity to put a stamp on our work from the end of March until now. This will be the moment of truth,” said Stojković.

Before Portugal, Serbia will play a friendly match with Qatar on Thursday, and Stojković stated that there are three options for that match.

“The first is to play in the strongest team, the second is to play with players who have not played so far, and the third is to be a mix. We will see which option we will choose,” said Stojković.

When asked if it seems to him that “someone puts clips under the wheels” every time the national team gathers, Stojković said that it is “evident”, but that he is not interested in that.

“Success is not always accepted, it has its price. There are people who don’t like it, they put up clips, but I don’t care. You know how much I was shaken in front of Luxembourg and Azerbaijan by what appeared in the newspapers? Well … I was so shaken that I was already in bed at 11 o’clock and fell asleep like a baby. I don’t pay attention to that, but I am aware of the fact that there are some people who want you … “, said Stojković.

“After all, this is our country, we have no other country. If someone is not good for Serbia to progress, he needs help. But I give advice only to players, how to represent their country and how to leave the stadium accompanied by applause regardless of the result. “, added the coach of Serbia.

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