FK Partizan conditionally withdrew from membership in JSD

Football club Partizan announced tonight that it is “conditionally withdrawing” from the membership of the Yugoslav Sports Association Partizan, as well as that it will not agree to the illegal decisions of the illegitimate new administration of JSD.

“The assembly of FK Partizan, as the highest body of the club, made a decision that Football Club Partizan conditionally withdraws from the membership of the Yugoslav Sports Association Partizan. This decision comes into force preventively and is applied if, by the alleged illegal management of JSD Partizan, without holding a new session of the JSD assembly Partizan and by abusing the authority from Article 21 of the JSD Partizan Statute, a decision will be made that decides on the rights and obligations of the Partizan Football Club as a member of the Partizan JSD,” states the press release of the Partizan football club.

The election session for the president of JSD Partizan was held on September 12, after which the previous president Milorad Vučelić and his opponent, the president of the Partizan basketball club Ostoja Mijailović, declared victory.

Not long after, Mijailović was registered as the official representative of the JSD in the Agency for Business Registers (APR), after which the leadership of the JSD headed by Vučelić filed criminal charges with the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime.

The football club adds that they “strongly condemn the unprecedented illegal pressure” that was exerted on the delegates before the session. They require the authorities to take immediate action.

“Football club Partizan, as a member of JSD Partizan, condemns, does not accept and cannot accept the illegal and non-statutory behavior of the president of basketball club OM in the Assembly of JSD Partizan. Football club Partizan, as a member of JSD Partizan, insists that the election process in JSD Partizan be held in all respects in the manner prescribed by the acts of JSD Partizan and points out that the decisions ‘made’ by a group of representatives of a certain number of members of JSD Partizan are not in accordance with the acts of JSD Partizan,” the announcement states.

Representatives of the Partizan football club point out that they “provide full support to the regularly elected leadership and management of JSD, in establishing legal work” and agree to the filing of criminal charges and other legal remedies.

“Football club Partizan is obliged to consistently observe legal norms in its work, and therefore cannot obey the illegal decisions of the illegitimate and illegal allegedly elected ‘new’ management of JSD Partizan, especially if they are contrary to the rights, obligations and interests of the members of FC Partizan.” it is stated.

The assembly of the football club adds that it provides support to the management of JSD, in order to protect the interests of the club.

“The Assembly of FK Partizan provides full support to the president, the Board of Directors and the general manager of the Club in order to protect the interests of the Club’s membership and the interests of the Club and to create conditions to enable the unhindered realization of domestic and international obligations, through regular and stable operations of the Club,” the statement added.

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