Bayern loan proves goal hunger at 1. FC Saarbrücken: Cuni can do it!  |  Sports

Goal-hungry FCS finally demonstrated by Bayern loan

Can’t you see?

Adriano Grimaldi, a striker who has a long-term ailment (31/torn muscle), will become even more crucial for 1. FC Saarbrücken in the coming weeks.

In the 3-1 friendly victory over the strong west regional league club Düren, 21-year-old Marvin Cuni demonstrated his desire for goals by scoring three times.


He made it 1-0 (in the 40th) with a penalty after Dave Gnaase was fouled, 2-1 (in the 82nd) with a sweep, and 3-1 (after a beautiful pass to the top) with a goal (89th).

For Cuni, this set of three is suitable!

Despite scoring in Bayreuth’s 6-0 victory, the loanee from Bayern Munich frequently chose poorly in front of goal.

Jürgen Luginger, director of sports, 54, said: “He has amazing potential, but he needs to develop self-confidence by setting goals. He needs all of our support, so we must provide it.

Was that going to save Cuni?

The test was also intended to reacquaint players with the team who had lately received less match practice due to the international break, according to coach Uwe Koschinat.

Koschinat: “A handful of the guys on our team required this competitive game for their development. Therefore, it was a really helpful test.

Particularly for Cuni, who is at last displaying his desire for goals once more…

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