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The big Danish football party has been canceled for the World Cup

To that extent, the Danish football fans turn their backs on Qatar. Both because it is outrageously expensive, but also because there is great criticism of the location of the World Cup final in a country where more than 6,500 migrant workers have died on the construction sites built in connection with the World Cup final. Amnesty has calculated that at least 15,000 non-Qatari have died since the country was awarded the World Cup hostship on 2 December 2010.

For the same reason, DBU has refused to distribute the tickets, where Danish fans could get around 3,000-5,000 tickets for each match.

– Right now, a total of 2,000 tickets have been sold to Danish fans. We are happy to give the Danes guidance about the stay, but we do not organize fan zones or do other activities in Qatar, because we do not want to support the country, says DBU’s director, Jakob Jensen, to Ekstra Bladet.

– If we qualify for European Championship 2024 in Germany, I certainly expect that we will once again distribute tickets to Danish fans.

– In this case, we have a desire to distance ourselves from Qatar, because it is not a place we can unite with, adds Jakob Jensen.

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Thomas Bjerregaard from LA Travel, which organizes trips to the World Cup in Qatar, is not very keen to comment on the company’s football trips to Qatar.

– We have no comments on the trips we organize for the WC, says Thomas Bjerregaard, country manager at the travel agency.

LA Travel’s website states that you can experience Denmark’s match against France for DKK 15,995. This includes flights and four nights at a hotel. Then you have to arrange for the football ticket yourself.

You can also experience two of Denmark’s World Cup matches for DKK 31,990 over a period of eight days, where the price includes flight and hotel, but no football ticket.

You must also pay DKK 2,000 per person if you want transport to and from the match from the airport.

Henrik Elmholdt, who is director of Best In Life Sport, has also sold package tours to the WC in Qatar.

So far, he has sold eight trips to Danes. A package trip for four days with flight and hotel, where the price is around DKK 19,000-23,000.

– Normally when we organize such trips, we have a very high demand, and up to 100 companies would probably be interested.

– But the whole discussion about placing the WC in Qatar has overshadowed the interest in getting hold of a ticket. It was also one of the reasons why we did not have great expectations from the Danish side, but eight is at the lower end of what we thought we could sell, says Henrik Elmholdt, who is, however, the main organizer for large parts of the Danish press corps’ trip to the World Cup finals.

With the scant interest from Danish fans, it is currently also easy to get tickets for the three Danish matches. And the prices are not terribly high.

You can watch Denmark against Tunisia for DKK 691, Denmark’s match against the French world champions for DKK 1245, while the meeting with Australia can be experienced for DKK 487.

A clear signal that there is not a big rift about the tickets.

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