Football World Cup: Argentina and Brazil with friendly wins

More than 35 minutes were rarely played by Lionel Messi. However, that was sufficient to draw attention to Argentina’s friendly matchup against Jamaica in New Jersey, USA. The Paris Saint-Germain striker is now Argentina’s record scorer with 90 goals and the only player from the South American nation to have 100 victories in the national jersey. Within three minutes, the Argentine captain scored two goals to increase several things: the Argentine lead (final score 3-0) and also two personal bests. Overall, this means that Argentina is more eager than ever to win its third World Cup, following victories in 1978 and 1986.

Even though Messi, 35, still lacks this title, it still makes people crazy. Several fans ran onto the field after the game to take selfies with him, touch him, and give him hugs. That didn’t work out nearly as planned because Javain Brown, a formidable defender for Jamaica, was the security guard.

Especially unlucky was the fan who managed to get a felt-tip pen into Messi’s hand. He desired an autograph on his back that would later be inked there permanently. Security personnel tore the autograph seeker to the ground just after Messi painted the “L” of his initial name. 44-year-old national coach Lionel Scaloni makes no such threats. Claudio Tapia, the head of the association, declared that Scaloni and he had established an agreement to extend their collaboration through the year 2026.

This is not at all unexpected. Under Scaloni, Argentina went 35 games without a loss. The Brazilians are as impressive; on Tuesday, they defeated World Cup participants Tunisia 5-1 in a friendly in Paris. The exceptional Raphinha (11’/40′), Richarlison (19′), Neymar (29′), and Pedro (74′) scored the goals. In 50 games since the 2018 World Cup, Brazil has only lost three times, twice to Argentina.

An incident with racist overtones raised controversy. After scoring, Richarlison received a banana shower. In addition, Neymar continued to be the target of laser strikes, which caused a delay in the game. “It’s unfortunate. It is difficult to accept such impressions, “Thiago Silva, captain of Brazil, stated.

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