“13 games in six weeks – that’s never happened before”

1. FC Union is very accustomed to the three games per week schedule from the previous season, but Urs Fischer is also a little concerned about the schedule going forward. Before Saturday’s away game against Eintracht Frankfurt, the coach of the Bundesliga leaders remarked, “13 games in six weeks – that’s never happened before” (3:30 p.m., Sky). Before the commencement of World Cup preparations in mid-November, the most recent international break was the last opportunity for the Berliners to relax. Everyone will have a new experience, according to Fischer.

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Up until November 13, Union has eight league games, four in the Europa League, and one in the DFB Cup. When it comes to regeneration, four days without a competitive game is the best sensation. With coach Fischer’s contract renewal and three weeks at the top of the table, the Berliners are nevertheless entering the trend-setting period of this season with optimism. The Swiss remarked, “We have to make the most of it and it’s also about a progression.

The first week is likely going to be the most difficult for Union. After the presentation in Frankfurt, there are excursions to Malmö and Stuttgart. Three away games over three days, 270 minutes of football. We’ll spend some time on the plane, Fischer added. There is already a lot on the line in the Europa League with the losses in the first two games. The only way for Berliners to maintain their chances of competing in the second-largest club championship is with a victory.

Fischer doesn’t put much stock in the top spot at the table in international business, just as he does in the Bundesliga, where he calls it a “good snapshot.” In any case, Frankfurt is the only thing that is currently in the spotlight. The Europa League champions, who had a slow start but are currently picking up steam, were described as “doing really well” by the Berlin coach. Fischer expects caution from his staff since he has a special regard for Frankfurt’s quick transition game. “You shouldn’t go up against them in open play.”

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Union did an outstanding job in the weeks prior to the international break of preventing their opponents from attacking through excellent organization, tremendous effort, and remarkable devotion. Fischer does not think that this demanding style of play will provide a problem in the upcoming days, though. Regarding the first season under his leadership with a double burden, Fischer remarked, “We made this effort last season and I think it’s going well.

The broad squad and the players’ capacity for suffering are the Berlins’ two main weapons in their fight against the present, much more intense curriculum. It’s crucial to pay special attention to load control throughout the next six weeks, according to Fischer.

Always better, always more well-liked Union Berlin Union’s Andras Schäfer said, “We’re second in the table, that’s wild,” before the team’s match against Bayern. Dirk Zingler said of his first FC Union, “We are more modern than some who light up their stadium with a rainbow flag.”

He wants to rely on both the professionals’ instinct and the data from the performance diagnostics during the rotation. The professionals should alert the coaching staff when the level of weariness is too high. This fall, the players will likely run across their weaker selves rather frequently. Sometimes you have to grit your teeth if you want to push yourself to the edge, said Fischer.

The players are not the only ones to whom this applies. 2,400 supporters are traveling with the squad to Frankfurt, and the limited number of tickets—roughly 1,000—for the game in Malmö have already been distributed. Bus drivers, though, may have the toughest task today. Because the team bus always travels with all the equipment, even if the team flies to distant games for regeneration purposes. Yet Fischer is also upbeat in this case. The bus drivers will undoubtedly have a rest.

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