The ‘Guerreras’ beat Austria on the second day of the Carpati Trophy

This Friday, on the second day of the Carpati Trophy, the Spanish women’s handball team defeated Austria (27-32) and rebounded from their narrow loss to Serbia (30-28) in order to prepare for the European Championship.

The ‘Guerreras’ entered the match with assurance and resolve, ready to seize control from the opening bars. Despite Jennifer Gutiérrez’s early miss on a seven-meter throw, Spain got on the board first with two goals from Maitane Etxeberria as a result of the Austrians’ early elimination, which gave Spain a numerical advantage.

Austria, led from central defense by Lysa Tchaptchet and Alba Spugnini, repeatedly ran against Spain’s defensive wall, failing to create clear shooting opportunities and allowing Spain to establish a lead on the scoreboard. The Spanish goalkeepers produced the saves necessary to hold a comfortable lead on the scoreboard even if the Austrians’ expected response never materialized (3-9).

Shandy Barbosa and Lysa Tchaptchet both scored goals easily on the offensive end; the latter had 100% success in the first half (3 of 3), which left the Austrian defense helpless. Ines Ivancok and Ivancok, who unleashed all of her offensive potential to keep her team in the game and who came within three goals at the end of the first half (12-15), helped the Austrians, nonetheless, to cut the scoreboard difference.

However, the national team was able to read the Austrians’ wager to empty the goal with accuracy and efficiency. A peaceful and composed second half appeared to be in store following two unanswered goals just before halftime, but Patricia Kovacs (6 goals) and Ines Ivankoc (5 goals) made sure of that.

Austria quickly responded. With only 10 minutes left, the Austrians finally accomplished what they had not done once throughout the entire game: they caught up to Spain on the scoreboard. Jenni Gutierrez, Mercedes Castellanos, and Almudena Rodriguez had to make a difficult appearance there to settle the match in favor of Spain twice (27-32).

“Not just because of the outcome, but also because of the positive emotions, I am extremely delighted. We made a strong start to the game and maintained the defensive tenacity we displayed in the opening 20 minutes. It was crucial to succeed after yesterday’s setback “quoting José Ignacio Prades in remarks made available by the RFEBM.

The technician also criticized some of the portions for lacking intensity. “The significant income in our favor may have caused us to lessen the intensity a little, but it has been beneficial for us to keep in mind that we cannot cut corners or speculate. One of our defining characteristics is defense, which is a value that must constantly be elevated “Finally, he said.

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