One of the most surprising reports of the year in European basketball was published tonight (Saturday) in the Serbian media: The most decorated coach on the continent, Zeljko Obradovic, is about to make an exciting comeback and sign for three years with Partizan Belgrade, the team he started his career in 1991- “- In the past year, the 61-year-old “Zuz” has gone on sabbatical after parting ways with Turkish side Fenerbahce at the end of seven seasons-

In Obradowicz’s homeland, it has been reported that he has reached an agreement with Partisan, who will play in the EuroCup next season and is expected to set a large budget in order to fight for all the titles, which actually allowed the giant coach to arrive- In Serbia, it is reported that Obradovic is on excellent terms with partisan new sporting director Zoran Savic, and together the two will try to bring the black-and-whites back to the top of European basketball-

It was further explained in the report that Obradovich had been following the partisan situation for years and over time his desire to return to the place where he began his glorious career as a coach began to grow- “When he got tired of seeing the crash of the club that led to him win the European Cup, he took a sabbatical to look into the situation and understand how he could help the partisan- Once he was convinced, negotiations began that ended in signing,” local media noted-

Obradovic became European champion with partisan Belgrade in 1992, when he also won the championship and cup in Yugoslavia that year- Since then he has added eight more wins at the top European factory, five of them on the lines of Panathinaikos and another three with Juventud at Dalona, ​​Real Madrid and Fenerbahce-

By the way, his expected signing with the Belgrade partisan eliminates the possibility of him returning to Pao, after he was recently mentioned many times as a candidate to replace Oded Katash on the green bench from Athens- At the same time, Katsch’s status is still questionable, as earlier this week it was claimed in Greece that Dimitris Priptis is expected to be appointed in his place-

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