` – Lewandowski takes Spain back and in Group E of Euro2020 everything is still at stake- At the Estadio de la Cartuja in Seville, the Iberian national team hit 1-1 against Poland and collected the second consecutive draw- Luis Enrique’s men’s evening had begun in the best possible way, with Morata able to leave behind the ugly mistake in the opening match against Sweden-

The territorial dominance of the Red Furies finds an outlet at 25 ‘with the paw of their center forward, on Gerard Moreno’s cross-shot, to put in his teammate Szczesny- The linesman raises the flag, the Var changes the decision and Orsato points to the center of the field: Morata runs to hug his coach and makes Spain take a shot in the arm-

The Polish reaction

Poland is not there, even with few ideas in the last meters scares Unai Simon, first saved by Swiderski’s pole and then good at blocking Lewandowski from a few steps- The Bayern Munich striker, however, does not forgive a second time: in the 54th minute he cunningly overtakes a naive Laporte and heads 1-1 on Jozwiak’s cross- The match ignites and the Var returns decisive: Gerard Moreno gets a penalty on Moder’s ram but in the 58th minute he hits the post from eleven meters and Morata clumsily chews it back, sending the ball to the bottom-

Iberian final forcing

Luis Enrique tries to draw the wild card from the bench with Ferran Torres, Fabian Ruiz and Pablo Sarabia but at 84 ‘Morata is still close to doubling- To deny him the joy of the encore is a brave Szczesny, coming out face forward on the feet of the Spanish number 7, on his last chance before leaving the field to Oyarzabal- Poland resist and protect the 1-1 until Orsato’s triple whistle: the whole of June 23 will be played in the third and last round against Sweden, as well as Spain, condemned to win in the match against Slovakia-

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