Commentary on the World Cup in Qatar: the megaphone speaks for itself

As midnight draws near, revelers disperse from the seven-kilometer-long Corniche, Doha’s coastal promenade with a spectacular vista of skyscrapers, and move toward the subway stations. A never-ending flow of sober adults, adolescents, and kids. Because deep within the city, every minute a new train spreads people further into the bowels of the city, flocking and pouring in at the top, and no one would think of just stopping and blocking the way, picture the Al-Billa subway station as a whale lying there with its mouth open and sucking the krill into its gullet. You never know, though.

The megaphone-wielding man can be heard from a distance, and like many Doha residents, he has an Indian accent. “Please don’t stand in the path; keep moving forward. Without pausing, proceed with the sentence: “Please keep walking forward, do not obstruct the route.” This dude doesn’t seem to need to breathe. What does he imagine during the night? Why does he never keep his promises to himself? Nothing forward and the path is blue stopped by cheese.

The conclusion is reached just before being sucked into the U-mouth: whale’s The man is standing there in front of the entrance without moving his lips! His megaphone is self-speaking. Apparently an Indian-made megaphone that talks to itself.

Automated labor is merely a current trend. I’m reminded of the American IT specialist who, while working from home during the Corona shutdown, automated his bookkeeping duties. He built a script to handle everything and went on vacation for a year without anyone realizing. Doha’s transportation system is still in its infancy. The Indian no longer needs to speak, but he still has to put up with what is said.

But when a few soldered microchips handle the work, that’s amazing. You could relax in a deck chair on the Corniche and have a non-alcoholic lemon and mint cocktail instead of laboriously preparing a World Cup glossary. The normal quality of the World Cup glosses may not initially be assured, but it would be worthwhile to see whether anyone takes note. Just leave the PC running and depart, Ados… Thank you for reading this gloss; keep reading. We appreciate you reading this glossary, but please continue. We appreciate you reading this glossary, but please continue. We appreciate you reading this glossary, but please continue. We appreciate you reading this glossary, but please continue.

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