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Japan surprised Spain and eliminated Germany at the same time.

Japan pulled off one of the biggest surprises of the FIFA World Cup when it overthrew Group E in the final round with Spain’s goals 2–1. The win meant that Japan also took first place in the group ahead of Spain.

This is how Germany, one of the great countries in football, was eliminated from the playoffs, despite beating Costa Rica 4–2.

Japan overturned Spain’s 1–0 lead in the second half with lightning goals, especially the winning goal Ao TanakanMore the hit aroused amazement in many spectators following the match. The ball seemed to be clearly over the goal line in the television slow-motion before Kaoru Mitoma had time to pass it to Tanaka in front of the goal.

The problem is the angle that lies. The ball does not have to touch the line, it is enough that part of it covers the line when viewed directly from above.

The boundaries of the field belong to the playing area, and the picture taken directly from above at the moment of the pass shows that the ball has not completely crossed the end boundary. In addition, the balls have a locator that tells you its location constantly. Accordingly, the goal was accepted.

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