Yesterday (Sunday) is International Father’s Day and many of you are probably familiar with the claim that “girls are for dad and boys are for mom”, right? In the case of one of the most powerful families in Israeli football and in the country in general, the Luzon family, this is completely true- Amos Luzon, who previously owned Maccabi Petah Tikva together with his brother Avi and is now the owner of the Luzon team worth hundreds of millions, has a particularly close relationship with his daughter, Or Luzon- The truth is that Or and Amos’ father have a special and exciting relationship-

The Luzon family spent the last weekend in Mykonos, and of course they arrived there in a pampering private jet- And Or, with more than 33,000 followers, took care to document even the most authentic and funny moments from the prestigious vacation- “Dancing no matter where,” documented Dad Amos who arrived with record energies and also danced in the pool at the hotel, both while shopping in the city and everywhere in a big way- The 26-year-old Or is a stylist by profession, strongly associated with the Israeli swamp with clients such as Omar Adam and Bar Refaeli, who are also among her famous friends, including Ann Ziv, Rumi Efron, Noa Benny, Adel Besflov and close friends from Maccabi Tel Aviv, Lian and Tal Ben Haim-

She testifies that her father, who for years has been in a relationship with event producer Irish Mercy, is her “best and most amazing friend-” Amos’ father flows with light as she reveals it in the story while giving a glimpse into the good life as she documents moments from the private jet, the crazy yacht, or even the measuring booth at the luxury stores she came to during her last vacation on the Greek island with the one who steals the show over and over again, her father- Orr takes care to pick him up, and on the way also to flirt, and does so in a graceful way that certainly puts a smile on the faces of the devout followers- She has also recently adopted a healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition and a sea of ​​sports, also to look great and feel that way and sure to keep up with her dad, who has more energy than all the young people-

Making a living in Mykonos- Amos and Or Luzon | Instagram

Light and crowded Luzon | Instagram
Light and crowded Luzon | Instagram

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