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That must have stunk him!

Jamaal Tinsley (44) played for Indiana, Memphis and Utah in the NBA for twelve years. His former teammate Boris Sundov (42) has now revealed an incredible story from his rookie season.

Tinsley was heavily fined in his first season with the Pacers (2001-02). The reason: he refused to take a shower.

$250,000 fine for not showering!

Sundov was a guest on the Incubator podcast a few days ago. There he chatted out of the sewing box.

Sundov: “Tinsley didn’t shower after practice or after games. We just got in or out of the shower and he was already dressed when he left the dressing room. Once, twice, three times… And Reggie Miller said to the team manager: ‘Bring the team rule book, we need to add a change that every player has to shower after every practice session, especially after every game, otherwise he’ll be penalized.’ The first penalty was $500, and it was to be doubled each time a player failed to shower.”

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In Tinsley’s case, the fine ended up totaling $250,000. According to Sundov, Tinsley just didn’t want to be seen naked in front of people. Allegedly because he was too shy and preferred to shower at home.

Sundov: “Things got so big that in the end a scandal broke out, which he had to discuss with his agent and his girlfriend.”

Tinsley was still a rookie at the time and far from being a top earner. It can be assumed that a regulation has been found for the shy point guard. Eventually, he played a total of eight seasons for the Pacers.

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