Football clubs Partizan and Crvena zvezda held a meeting today in order to harmonize positions on topics important for the development of football in Serbia, as well as for those two clubs.

The statement from the meeting states:

“The meeting was held in the spirit of good relations that the biggest clubs of our country should nurture with each other. We quickly and easily harmonized our positions and consequently the joint proposals before the Assembly of the Super League Association, about which we inform the public and with which we will go out tomorrow.

“1. We demand active communication of the FSS with all clubs of the Serbian Super League, and especially with our two clubs which are the bearer and engine of development of club, and thus representative football, in order to avoid repeating last week’s case of making important decisions regarding the national league without any It is also necessary to separate the Communities of Superleague and First League clubs of Serbia, as well as to hold Superleague meetings at least once a month so that all clubs have the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process. also the presidents of our two largest clubs must have a place in all the highest bodies of the FSS.

“2. We support elections at all levels within the Football Association of Serbia.
“3. We appreciate and commend the improvement of the contract for TV rights to 24 million euros for a period of three years. It is necessary to define the criteria for the distribution of TV rights based on the best European practice.
“4. We believe that it is necessary to amend the current statute of the FSS, ie to re-adopt the statute that was in force until 2016, and which is in line with the valid recommendations and positions of UEFA.
“5. Abolish the levy on clubs’ income from transfers at a rate of 3%, which violates, inter alia, the rule prohibiting the participation of third parties in transfers.
“6. The FSS should consult our two biggest clubs on all important strategic issues.
“7. The rule of four foreigners should not be limited to the number of foreign players in the protocol but exclusively on the field.
“8. The final match of the Serbian Cup, due to the importance of the competition, should always be played in Belgrade as the capital according to the usual European practice.
“9. We suggest that from the 2022/23 season, Supeliga has 12 clubs. After 22 rounds, the league would have a playoff and a playoff with 11 additional rounds.
“We deeply believe that our demands are in the interest of Serbian football, and we expect the urgent realization of the same by the FSS and the Super League Association,” the clubs stated in a joint statement.

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