American BMX cyclist Chelsea Wolfe, who met the criteria to represent the United States at the Tokyo Olympics, said last year that her goal was to win an Olympic medal so she could “burn the US flag on the podium.” Why? In March 2020 , Even before the Olympic Games were postponed for a year, she wrote on her Facebook account: “My goal is to win an Olympic medal so I can burn the state flag on the podium. They are focusing on it during a global epidemic, on harming transsexual children. ”

Wolfe also added to the post an article about former US President Donald Trump and his policies toward transgender athletic girls. Wolfe told FOX News that the post, which she has since deleted, does not mean she does not care about her homeland. So hard to represent the United States in international sports competitions, was to show that our country has moral values ​​and shatter bad stigmas that are thought of us. I take a stand against fascism because I care about the state and that it will not fall into the hands of fascist leaders. ”

Since then, Trump has been ousted and now Joe Biden is the new president, so the cyclist will surely be more relaxed as a result. During the interview on the post in question, Wolfe even joked that she would “blow up Trump’s head,” but that was just a joke, contrary to what she had written earlier. For sure, it will be very interesting to see what you do on the podium if you succeed in fulfilling a dream and winning an Olympic medal. Tokyo Olympics – Otto it happens!

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