Mercedes driver Valteri Botas will start from the pole position in the upcoming Formula 1 race for the Brazilian Grand Prix, as he won tonight’s sprint race in Sao Paulo. Max Verstappen from Red Bull, who took second place.

The third was Carlos Sainz from Ferrari, and the fourth was Sergio Perez from Red Bull.

The fifth place was taken by the driver of the Mercedes, Luis Hamilton, who started from the last 20th place due to a penalty, since in the qualifications, the rear wing on his car was open more than allowed. He will, however, start from 10th place on Sunday, due to a five-position penalty for changing engine parts.

With this victory, Botas won three points, Verstappen two, and Sainc one point.

Verstappen thus increased the advantage in the general classification in relation to Hamilton to 21 points, four races before the end of the championship.

Botas started well and went around at the start of Verstappen, when he immediately attacked Sainc, after which the Dutchman flew off the track and fell to third place. Hamilton initially made up for four positions and then corrected positions from round to round.

Verstappen overtook Sainac for second place, Norris was faster than Leclerc, and Hamilton was faster than Richard.

Verstappen reduced the gap behind Botas, and Hamilton overtook Vettel, Okon and Gasli and climbed to seventh place. The seven-time world champion drove excellently, overtaking Leclerc in the 21st lap for sixth place, and in the last lap for Norris for fifth place.

Due to the penalty for Hamilton, Norris will start from the fifth place, Lecler from the sixth, Gasley will be seventh at the start, Okon will be eighth, and Vettel will be ninth.

The race in Brazil is on the program on Sunday at 6 p.m.

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