Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic said that in a way he liked that he was two sets behind the Italian Lorenzo Museti in today’s match of the eighth finals of Roland Garros, because he thinks he can play well and win matches in five sets against younger players.

“I was more nervous before the match than when I lost 0: 2. Honestly, I even liked the fact that I lost two sets, because I played under some kind of tension during that time and I didn’t have my shots, it was too much. mistakes, I didn’t play and I didn’t feel great in the first few sets. But I congratulate him for playing well in important moments, “said Djokovic.

Djokovic advanced to the quarterfinals after the 19-year-old Muzeti handed him the match in the fifth set with the result 4: 0 for the first tennis player in the world. The Italian won the first two sets with 7: 6, 7: 6, and then Djokovic won the next two, 6: 1, 6: 0.

“When I lost the second set, I came back from the locker room to the field and I felt different. I was a different player. I had a better feeling and confidence when hitting and I reduced the number of mistakes. I started to play the way I was supposed to play on Then, towards the end of the third set and the beginning of the fourth, I saw that he was struggling physically, “said Djokovic.

“It gave me the motivation to try to put more pressure on him and finish the match. Too bad for a young player like him to lead 2-0 at Central in his first round of the finals, which he was unable to physically maintain. at least give himself a chance to win this match, “added the winner of the 18th Grand Slam title.
Djokovic said that he leads to play five sets against younger players, since he is physically ready for that and knows how to play such matches.

“I won most of the matches in the five sets I’ve played in this tournament and in my career and I think that experience helps me. But he wasn’t lucky to finish the match because he had to give up, I think he’s struggled since the start of the fourth set,” stated the 34-year-old Serbian tennis player.

Djokovic managed to make up for two sets behind for the fifth time in a Grand Slam tournament. After stating that when he was younger, the journalists were interested in whether the player had to be a bit older in order to be able to withstand five sets.

“At the beginning of my career, I struggled with injuries and I had to give up a few matches in Grand Slam tournaments. It’s not fun, it’s not something you want to experience as a young player. But in the last round, Musetti beat Chekinat in five sets, not now he played five sets for the first time. After five sets, he reached the fourth round for the first time, “said Djokovic.

“It’s a mixture of emotions and excitement, but also pressure because you don’t know how it will feel because it’s the first time he’s playing at Central against the best player. It’s a new experience, and it can go both ways. It can give you extra energy and strength, because you have nothing to lose, but at the same time it can take a lot away from you because as a young player, you may still develop the ability to mentally cope with such pressures and expectations. It takes a lot of energy, “he added.

Djokovic will play in the quarterfinals against Italian Mateo Beretini, who went further after Swiss Roger Federer withdrew from the tournament.

“He has a strong serve, a strong forehand, two strong weapons. He is in shape. He finished well last year, and he started well this year as well, he beat Dominic Tim in Australia, he played well in the ATP Cup. He is also good at drop shots. “He is very aggressive, he is very good online. In the last couple of years he is among the top 10, now he is in the quarterfinals of the Grand Slam and you have to be at the best level to have a chance to win,” said Djokovic.

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