Federer will be back in the summer, but not ready for Wimbledon

Return in the summer, with Wimbledon almost to be excluded, even if Roger Federer he still hasn’t put aside his dreams as a tennis king. In an interview with the “Tribune de Genève”, the Swiss tennis player talks about his physical condition and his return after knee surgery.

“The first check-up with the doctors was very encouraging – he explains -. I will be able to go back to racing in January and resume training on the field between March and April, so now I think I can fix my return to competitions. in the summer of 2022“.

The thought immediately goes to Wimbledon, but Federer is very cautious and tends to rule out this hypothesis (“I would be extremely surprised to be able to play there”).

They Australian Open they were never considered after surgery. “This summer it was decided to suture the injury to the meniscus, an operation that involves downtime. The doctors therefore took the opportunity to treat my cartilage as well. The combination of these two operations requires patience and prudence.” .

We have to wait and work for the return, but Roger Federer, 40 years old last August 8, is ready to do so and does not stop dreaming.

“My ambition is to see what I am capable of for the last time. I would also like to be able to say goodbye in my own way and on a tennis court. That’s why I am giving my all in this period of rehabilitation. Let me be clear – he says -, the my life will not fall apart unless I play a final of the Grande Slam. But it would be the last dream to be able to go back. I still believe it. I believe in this kind of miracles. ”

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