Xavi: There may be a surprise in the squad against Espanyol

Xavi is going to experience one of the most exciting and great moments he has experienced in his tremendous career. The legendary former Barcelona midfielder, who was recently appointed coach, will make his debut on the lines tomorrow, and in one of the most important games for the club: the derby against Espanyol, with whom he has an open account.

Even before Xavi appeared in front of the cameras – in Spain they continue to report on the low salary that Dani Alves will receive from Barcelona. According to the latest publications, the Brazilian defender will receive about 13,000 euros a month – its lowest salary the league allows.

Back to the Barcelona coach, who held a press conference at which he elaborated on his preparation for the charged encounter: “We need to control the emotion. There will be a lot of tension and nerves because this is a derby. I have already told the players to be calm and that I trust them. I am dissatisfied with the ability of the players in training and see positive signs. We will need the audience with us. ”

Xavi commented on the planned line-up: “I have not yet decided on the line-up and I attach great importance to ability in training. I have a good feeling about the young players. We will have shortcomings and there may be a surprise at 11. I will decide after the concluding training. ”

The new coach provided a statement regarding his goals: “This week we had a lot of individual and group conversations with the players. I hope that already in front of Espanyol we will see different things on the lawn. The quality of the staff surprised me, all with positive energies. “We are currently not in a position to talk about titles, but should win games and avoid relegation in the home stage of the Champions League.”

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