Mercedes driver Luis Hamilton will start the Formula 1 race for the Qatar Grand Prix from the first position, as he achieved the best time in the qualifications today. The current Formula 1 champion achieved a result of 1: 20.827 minutes and was 0.455 faster than the Red Bull driver and the championship leader. Max Verstappen.

The second driver of Mercedes, Valteri Botas and Pierre Gasley, will start from the second row in Alfa Tauri.

Fernando Alonso had the fifth time, and Lando Norris, Carlos Sainc, Yuki Cunoda, Esteban Ocon and Sebastian Vettel were also in the tenth place.

The race for the Qatar Grand Prix is ​​scheduled for tomorrow at 3 p.m.

Three races before the end of the championship, Verstappen has a 14-point advantage over the current champion Hamilton.

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