Juve corsair with Lazio.  Bonucci scores with 2 penalties

Juventus takes a very heavy and strong-willed victory in the big match against Lazio. At the Olimpico it ends 2-0 thanks to the double penalty signed by Bonucci. A fundamental success that allows Allegri to join Sarri in fifth place in the standings at 21 points, reviving the hopes of the Bianconeri’s recovery.

The biancocelesti start the match more convinced, starting with their foot on the accelerator, bringing a lot of pressure to the host half. The guests, on the other hand, seem more contracted and on 13 ‘they are immediately forced to make the first change due to Danilo’s injury.

At the stroke of 20 ‘, however, on the first descent in the Lazio area, Morata is knocked down by Cataldi and a penalty is awarded after a consultation with the Var.

Given the absence of Dybala, Bonucci goes from the spot and realizes the Juventus advantage. Lthere is a reaction from Lazio but in terms of character and not of scoring opportunities, with Juve that, on the other hand, almost doubled close to the interval with Morata, who coordinates for the half overhead by putting high from a few steps.

At the beginning of the second half, Allegri’s team still frightened the hosts with Kulusevski first and Bonucci then, but Lazio were saved. Without a reference there in front, however, Sarri’s team fails to counterattack and not even Muriqi, once he enters the field, is able to give depth to the team.

In the end, another episode arrives for the Bianconeri’s doubling: Chiesa jumps Reina out, but the Spanish goalkeeper in an attempt to recover the position hits him in the area on the legs procuring the second penalty for the guests. Bonucci still goes from the spot, the result is the same as in the first half and Juve closes the score 2-0

  • 19:55

    Kean near the trio

    Juve close to the trio in the 89th minute, with Kean running away in one on one with Acerbi, kicking on goal and finding Reina’s parade

  • 19:48

    Another penalty from Bonucci, Juve doubled

    Another penalty for Juventus nine minutes from 90 ‘: Chiesa is landed in the area by Reina in an attempt to recover his position after a wrong exit, but intervenes on the attacker’s legs. Bonucci still scores 2-0

  • 19:19

    Juve almost doubled with Kulusevski-Bonucci

    First double chance of recovery for Juve: first Kulusevski tries in the 48th minute, kicking with his right foot and finding Reina’s foot kick. On the next corner it is Bonucci who goes close to the brace in front of goal whose mirror has been well covered by the Spanish goalkeeper.

  • 19:10

    Recovery started, no changes

    The Olimpico match between Lazio and Juventus resumes. No changes during the interval for Sarri and Allegri

  • 19:00

    First half: 0-1 for Juve

    The penalty scored by Leonardo Bonucci in the middle of the first half, assigned after a Var consultation that punished an intervention by Cataldi on Morata, broke the balance between Lazio and Juventus in the second advance of the thirteenth day of Serie A. better the game by keeping the ball in the game and taking advantage of the descents on the right wing of Lazzari, the most reactive of his.

    In the middle of the area, however, the absence of Ciro Immobile made itself felt, injured and sitting in the stands, in civilian clothes. So Milinkovic-Savic tried to take the team on his shoulders but, apart from a conclusion from the outside with few ambitions blocked by Szczesny, the Serbian was well controlled by the Juventus rearguard.

    Juventus, who remained cautious and sly for the first fifteen minutes of play, hit cold from the spot, capitalizing more than what they had shown on the green rectangle of the Olimpico up to that moment. An advantage, that of the Turin team, which finds citizenship in the last minutes of the first fractions marked by a convincing control of the pace and a sensational opportunity that landed on Morata’s feet.

    However, the Spanish striker, alone in the middle of the area, fired the ball high over the crossbar after a half overhead kick as spectacular as it was ineffective.

    Finally, in the first forty-five minutes of the game, there are also the injury to the Brazilian defender Danilo, who was released on a stretcher and replaced by Kulusevski, and the warnings for Cuadrado, for an incorrect intervention on Hysaj, and for Hysaj himself for a foul on Kulusevski. At half-time it is 1-0 for Juventus but the match at Olimoico is still long.

  • 18:59

    Double chance for Milinkovic

    A very dangerous free kick for Lazio in the 35th minute: Milinkovic tries with his right foot but the barrier deflects in a corner kick. At 36 ‘again the Serbian from distance: this time his attempt is blocked without problems by Szczesny

  • 18:27

    1-0 Juve, Bonucci’s penalty

    Bonucci on a penalty brings Juve forward. Shot from the spot awarded for foul on Morata

  • 18:20

    Descent of Lazzari, no one ready to detour

    Lazio which becomes dangerous at 10 ‘with a descent of Lazzari in the right lane. The full-back arrives at the cross but none of his teammates arrive in the middle.

  • 18:06

    Kick off

    The match between Lazio and Juventus has begun, the second advance of the thirteenth matchday of Serie A. Important points for Europe and the Champions area are up for grabs. Both teams cannot afford another misstep, especially taking into account Atalanta’s victory at home against Spezia which propelled the orobics to fourth place in the standings.

  • 17:57

    Award Winning Property

    Ciro Immobile was awarded for 160 goals scored with the Lazio shirt. The forward received a plaque, a trophy and the applause of the stadium. Today, due to an injury, the attacker will not be on the pitch.

  • 17:55

    Official Juve line-up

    The eleven chosen by Massimiliano Allegri

    Szczesny; Danilo, Bonucci, De Ligt, Pellegrini; Cuadrado, McKennie, Locatelli, Rabiot; Church, Morata

  • 17:55

    The flight of the eagle Olympia

    Completed the usual flight of the eagle Olimpia, the mascot of the Capitoline team before the kick-off. Everything is ready for the Serie A advance between Lazio and Juventus

  • 17:54

    Injury Danilo, Kulusevski enters

    After just over 13 minutes of play, Juventus was already forced to make the first substitution. Danilo comes out in pain and on a stretcher after a game contact with Hysaj. In his place inside the Swedish midfielder Kulusevski.

  • 17:51

    Official Lazio training

    Here are the eleven players chosen by Maurizion Sarri for the match against Juventus

    Reina; Lazzari, Luiz Felipe, Acerbi, Hysaj; Milinkovic-Savic, Cataldi, Luis Alberto; Felipe Anderson, Pedro, Zaccagni

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