Yesterday (Monday), the singer of the decade and the honorary president of Hapoel Marmorek, Eyal Golan, performed at a unique event that took place in Paris, France. The section could not remain indifferent to the beautiful woman who accompanied him on a visit to the country selected as a leading candidate to win Euro 2020, and here are the results.

Elai Eliyahu is one of the most powerful and leading organizers in the country. Until recently, she represented Nasreen and Itai Levy, currently representing Golan and she is only 28. She was recently interviewed on the podcast “The Heiress” with Gal Ohovsky, in which she told about the experiences alongside the singer who is sick of football and also being a powerful woman in the oriental world.

Elijah even talked about her world’s resemblance to that in the series “The Heiress” in Arc 12, where Sapir (Bethel Mishian) is the promoter who makes great efforts to make Topaz (Nofar Salman) a thing, in order to explain what promoter women are going through in the Eastern music industry. “The series floods the things I experience on a daily basis. It exposes the less glamorous side of the oriental music industry. It’s a very masculine, very belligerent world, discrimination still exists. Women find it less easy to fit into this industry,” she said of the treatment she received in the industry .

Eyal Golan and Ilai Eliyahu in Paris | Instagram

“Terrible treatment, I am always perceived as less of them,” Eliyahu continued. “When Nasreen, her security guard and I would go into banquet halls, a regular event manager would automatically turn to the security guard and say, ‘You must be Nasreen’s manager, what’s up?’. I’m just air. In instinct the manager is always the man, never me. “No, it’s me,” he would continue, looking at him – “come, I’ll show you where the room is.” It is very sad that this is also the case in 2021.

From the age of 22, Eliyahu has been working for Liam Productions, Golan’s company, and in a podcast she was also asked what it is like to be a personal manager from her point of view. “Organizers are very total,” Ilai describes, “an artist and his promoter is a relationship for all intents and purposes. The artist you run becomes part of your home, part of your family, part of your relationship. Although I did not actually live with Nasreen, but our lives were completely shared.You live and breathe your artist.The promoter must not be a fan of the singer.If you are a fan, you can not manage the artist because you will never put the truth in his face and will not be Objective about it. “

When asked if she was treated differently in light of Eyal Golan’s representation, she replied: “I am treated well and this thing has amazing sides. Men have a part where they think that whoever shouts louder is the one who is right. We can never shout louder than them. I very much hope to be a burglar “A way in the field of organizing. I hope my daughters will already speak differently from me.”

Eyal Golan in Paris | Instagram

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