“They trust me”: Williams feels at home at Maccabi

With Yiftach Ziv and Jake Cohen, who are left for the World Cup qualifiers with the Israeli team, Maccabi Tel Aviv took off today (Wednesday) for Berlin ahead of the game against Alba and the meeting with ex Yuval Zussman and Tamir Blatt.

“Like in any game, we want to come focused,” Cameron Taylor said before takeoff. “If they can develop the game, they can be very dangerous, so it is important that we pay attention to the small details and especially the defense. Their tall ones are dangerous and we will have to focus on them. The key is to be focused from the first moment for 40 minutes. I am happy to have Maccabi fans with us Their push. ”

Derrick Williams added: “We need to be competitive from the first moment and not just for three quarters like it was in the previous game. We want to start the next game as we finished the previous game and we expect to win. Alba is a good team when it feels comfortable, we have to make it feel uncomfortable “, To make our stops and be effective in bursts. Personally, I feel that the coach gives me a lot of confidence to be myself and do a lot of things on both sides of the court, a lot of players trust me.”

After the game, John Dibertolomeo and Roman Sorkin will immediately continue to Tallinn, where they will join the Israeli team for the second game in the November window against Estonia.

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