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The federal board meeting of the Jääkieckoliito was scheduled to include discussion of the jokers’ application.

hockey on ice On Tuesday, the story of the Helsinki Jokeri, who are looking for housing in Mesti, took an unexpected turn. The federal board of Jääkiekliito did not address Team Jokerit oy’s request for a spot in the Mesti series at all.

The club’s leadership took the initiative.

“Team Jokers sent us a request yesterday asking us not to complete their application. The Jokers made this request after evaluating the data and background needed to submit an application for a position on the series “Harri Nummela, the federal board’s chairman, offered his thoughts on the news.

“When granting league seats, the situation is assessed in light of the licensing requirements; in this case, ownership, financing, and operational arrangements, such as game and practice facilities, are important considerations. When series slots are given out, these concerns must already be sufficiently advanced “It says in the notice.

Later that evening, Jokers released a statement about the episode. According to the organization, it asked for the subject to be put on the table in response to demands for further explanation that were made in the application and concern “a more extensive explanation of the concerns given in the application.”

Jarmo Koskinen, the club’s frontman and the person who will begin serving as CEO, was interviewed by Ilta-Sanomat for his thoughts on the odd turn of events.

“The meeting’s goal was to submit an application that will be approved that was as specific as possible. In other words, success is guaranteed. There were still certain things that weren’t completely finalized, so I won’t go into detail about them now “Koskinen stated.

Koskinen declined to answer the follow-up questions about the issues the Jokers are still considering. Since “not everyone likes to make their commitments public when things remain unfinished,” he made this argument.

Despite the recent surprising turn, Koskinen believes that the Jokerit still has time to finish and submit its application for a series place to the federal government. Mesti must have a league spot by the end of March in order to submit a license application.

“I’m confident that we’ll succeed. If you say so, the license procedure in March will determine the outcome “Koskinen rotates.

If Team Jokerit oy’s application for Mestis is approved by the federal government, the next step is to submit an application for a license to the Ice Hockey Federation’s license committee. There is still time to apply for it through the end of March.

“It is a much more thorough application. Then a more thorough analysis of the conditions, histories, and plans will take place. The goal is to ensure that we can play the entire season “Pirkka Antila, the competition manager for the Jääkieksliitto, made a remark.

The most recent season in which the Jokerit competed was in the SM league and Finland. After that, the squad relocated to the Russian KHL until leaving at the end of last February, shortly after Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine.

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