Hanover 96: Nanu!  Defense chief Julian Börner trains with a bicycle helmet |  Sports

As defense chief, he should keep the risk in front of the 96 goal small. Julian Börner (32) also played it safe yesterday.

Börni trains with a bicycle helmet.

Background: The Reds always fire sharply on birthdays. Börner turned 32 last Saturday and was allowed to be shot to his heart’s content by his colleagues at the first training session of the week.

Good thing he wore a helmet. It clapped violently several times.

Trainer Stefan Leitl laughing: “Clever that Börni took out a helmet. But you have to ask yourself why the boys shoot so sharply.”

After the launch warm-up, Börner completed the unit without a helmet but at full throttle. The thigh hardening is over, the defense boss is fit for Lautern.

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