Juve penalty, Elkann: “Unfair sentence, we will defend ourselves”

Juventus symbolizes Italian football and is the most adored and watched team in the country. We will vigorously defend our position in order to uphold the rights of Juventus supporters and all football enthusiasts. It is clear that this decision is unjust, as many people have noted, including those who do not support Juventus. In order to alter football in our nation and create a more ambitious and sustainable future, I hope we can work with the other teams and the government. Therefore, John Elkann discusses the 15-point penalty imposed on the black and whites in an interview with La Stampa and Repubblica on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the passing of his grandpa, Giovanni Agnelli.

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“Juventus is not the issue; rather, they are and always will be a component of the answer. Elkann continues, “In these 100 years of life together we have gone through a period of great satisfaction and great difficulty: in the last 20 years Juventus won 11 championships on the field, 6 Italian super cups, 5 Italian cups, plus the successes of the Women. Here the future of Serie A and of Italian football is at stake, which is becoming marginal and irrelevant. The national teams that won the European championship in 1921 and the world championship in 2006 both had a strong Juventus foundation. Juve is the squad with the most members who have won a world championship thanks to Argentina’s success this year.

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