Azarenka supported Djokovic

Belarusian tennis player Victoria Azarenka said today that she sympathizes with Novak Djokovic over the injury allegations and asked that the players not be treated “like villains”. :1.

It is her first semi-final in Melbourne since 2013, when it was questioned whether the medical time-out she took in the decisive moments of the match against American Sloane Stevens was justified.

Many accuse Djokovic of exaggerating the extent of the hamstring injury that is bothering him at the first Grand Slam tournament of the season.

“We are ordinary people who go through many, many things. Sometimes, I don’t know, there is an incredible desire to write a story about a villain and a hero. But we are not villains and we are not heroes,” said Azarenka, the BBC reported. Si (BBC).

Nine-time Australian Open champion Djokovic said at the beginning of the week that he is “an easy target to be a villain”.

He was unhappy that the legitimacy of his bathroom break during his second-round match against France’s Enzo Cuaco was questioned.

The Serbian player has his left thigh bandaged during the tournament and stretches his leg during matches. After the match in the round of 16 and the victory against the Australian Alex de Minor, he said that “only his injuries are in question”.

Azarenka’s win against Sloanes in the semifinals of the 2013 tournament has been called controversial by many, as she took a 10-minute break after failing to secure victory in her service game. After the break, in the next game, she secured a place in the final in which she defeated Li Na and won her second consecutive title in Melbourne.

“That was one of the worst things I went through in my career, the way I was treated after that. I had to defend myself until 10.30pm because people didn’t want to believe me. I can actually understand what Novak said a few days ago.” , said Azarenka.

She added that 10 years later she finally got over everything.

“They said that I was cheating, that I was acting, that I tried to throw her out of the game. That’s all wrong with me and those who know me know that. At some point you hear things like that about yourself and you wonder if you’re really like that “Doubts creep in. Now I don’t care. I’m more and more confident in what I know about myself and I’m reconciled with that. Those comments, judgments, they’re there. I notice them, but I don’t care,” said the 33-year-old tennis player.

She will play Wimbledon champion Elena Rybakina of Kazakhstan in the semifinals.

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