Sauli Heilimö, 41, has passed away

The sports pioneer from Turku made a name for himself in Brazilian jujutsu, lock wrestling and freestyle wrestling.

In martial arts merited Sauli Heilimö has died at the age of 41.

BJJ Suomi, which focuses on Brazilian jujutsu, told about Heilimö’s death on Instagram.

“The domestic jiu-jitsuka received sad news today when one of the pioneers of the sport, Sauli Heilimö, has passed away,” the publication wrote.

Heilimö competed in Brazilian jujutsu, lock wrestling and freestyle.

Heilimo had a third degree black belt in Brazilian jujutsu.

He won the Finnish championships in both Brazilian jujutsu and lock wrestling. In the freestyle match, the Turku resident won the European Championship of the Shooto Association.

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