The tennis national team of Serbia lost tonight in Innsbruck to Germany with 1: 2, after Novak Djokovic and Nikola Cacic lost in the doubles to Kevin Kravic and Tim Puc after three sets, 6: 7, 6: 3, 7: 6, in a match. the second round of Group F in the Davis Cup.

Despite the defeat, Serbian tennis players kept their chances of reaching the quarterfinals.

Germany won after two hours and 13 minutes. In the first set, both pairs made two breaks and a tie-break was played, which the German tennis players won with 7: 5.

Serbian tennis players played better in the second set, they took the service away from their opponents in the eighth game, which was enough for them to equalize in the match.

In the third set, there was a great fight, Djokovic and Cacic made a break in the third game, and then they led with 3: 1 and 4: 2. The German tennis players returned the break in the eighth game, and then they won the game on their serve and took the lead with 5: 4.

After that, the Serbian team equalized, but in the next 11th game, they did not use two break points, so the Germans took the lead with 6: 5. In the next game, Ćaćić was sure of his serve and the match was decided in a tie-break, which the German double won with 7: 5.

In Group F, Serbia beat Austria 3-0 on Friday, and Germany and Austria will play in Group F on Sunday.

Any victory for Austria would bring Serbia first place in the group ahead of the quarterfinals. In case of Germany’s victory, Serbia could be in the quarterfinals as the second-placed team, but the results in the other groups should also match.

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