“The match is broken by the first goal”

The Cádiz coach, Álvaro Cervera, saw two games this Sunday in the defeat (1-4) against Atlético de Madrid, with the rojiblanco’s first goal as a turning point that left him several concerns after matchday 15 of LaLiga Santander .

“It is broken by the first goal. Until the first goal we are very well, they with the quality that is supposed to them, playing a good game but without making us much danger and as a result of the first goal they already handle the ball in a different way and defend like that we neither can nor know, “he said at a press conference.

The Andalusian coach acknowledged that they have a couple of important problems. “I am concerned that by doing things well we are not capable of scoring a goal, that the opposing goalkeeper has to make an effort, and then I am concerned that when we get behind the team it is nothing like what a team should be of First Division “, affirmed.

“The other day they put us four and today they put us four, going for First like that you can’t because you give the feeling of being a very vulnerable team,” he added.

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