The Olympic flame begins its journey in France in Marseille

The path of the Olympic flame in France, on the eve of the Olympic Games in Paris, will begin in the spring of 2024 in Marseille, the organizers announced today.

“It was a pretty clear and obvious choice,” said Tony Estange, president of the Paris Games organizing committee.

The Olympic Games in Paris are held from July 26 to August 11, 2024.

During the Games, Marseille will host sailing competitions, as well as ten matches of the football tournament in both competitions.

“Marseilles was founded by the Greeks who came from Phocaea 2,600 years ago. Looking to welcome the flame on our shores, we wanted to reconnect with the great history of sharing, brotherhood, diversity and solidarity,” said Marseille Mayor Benoit Payan.

The Olympic flame will traditionally be lit beforehand in ancient Olympia, Greece. The complete route of the Olympic torch to Paris should be announced at the end of May.

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