Paige poked the golf legend: That’s 10 cm for you? Your wife has a problem

Paige Spiranac (29), American golfer with Croatian roots, never bored. The attractive athlete has attracted 3.7 million followers on Instagram, and because of the question of clothing, she hit on a retired golfer Phil Mickelson (52).

The winner of 45 events on the PGA Tour objected to the golfer Samu Ryderu (33) for exposing his ankles.

“They don’t allow shorts, but they allow the leading golfer to wear jogger pants with feet showing 10 inches of ankle? I’m not a fashion expert and never will be, but there are some things I’ll never understand,” he wrote on Twitter.

Photo: Ray Acevedo

Paige didn’t see it because Mickelson blocked her a year ago, but she was asked to comment on it on a podcast. Of course, she did not remain obliged.

– If Phil thinks it’s 10 centimeters, then I feel sorry for his wife – said Spiranac.

– He showed maybe an inch of ankle and the pants were not very tight. He looked good, but this just goes to show how frustrating golf can be for some tweeters. Golf is very strict about the simplest things. If there is something a little different, everyone goes crazy – she added.

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