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In the Hill Jumping World Cup, a scary long jump was seen.

Slovenian Timi Zajc22, experienced moments of terror during the ski jumping World Cup mixed team competition in Willingen, Germany.

Zajc soared and soared, eventually reaching a truly dangerous reading of 161.5 meters. He noticed signs of danger in the air, spread his arms to the side of his body to take the jump down, but the flight still continued near the flat part of the descent slope.

From high up Zajc, thrown down, fell off the jump, but got up and slid off the slope on his own. He was holding his hindquarters and bottom, but apparently didn’t hurt himself seriously.

According to the Norwegian newspaper VG, the hill record for the Willingen hill is 153 meters, so Zajc’s jump got out of hand badly – ​​and really dangerously.

“This is almost life-threatening,” said a Viaplay commentator According to Jörgen Klem VG.

Norwegian ski jumper Halvor Egner Granerud26, found the incident frightening.

“It’s a bit scary when you get those readings. As far as I know, he is fine and that is the most important thing. Such jumps make you afraid of what might happen,” Granerud said in an interview with the organizers, according to VG.

The difficult ones due to the conditions, it was decided to cancel the last round of the competition. The competition was won by Norway.

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