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What’s next for Manuel Neuer (36) after the Attack interview in “The Athletic” and “SZ”?

According to BILD information, the captain received at least one fine from the club after the hammer criticism of the Bayern bosses and coach Julian Nagelsmann (35), which he passed the club. The relationship between the five-time world goalkeeper and the record champion is disturbed.

The big question: Will Neuer ever be in goal again for Bayern Munich?

After explosive interview Hard new forecast

That depends (as long as Nagelsmann is a coach) above all on the coach, whether he will set up the national keeper again when he is fit again in the new season after breaking his leg (skiing accident before Christmas, surgery, break of around six months).

BEFORE the hammer criticism on Friday evening, Nagelsmann said at the noon press conference on Säbener Straße: “I’ve said that many times: Of course I’m in contact with him. I see him every day, he’s here in rehab – not always for hours, because such a rehab program isn’t always pleasant. In general, he is here every day, we see each other and exchange ideas. I think there is no question that I wish a world-class goalkeeper like Manuel would be healthy again and be in goal.”

How is Neuer’s relationship with Nagelsmann?

BILD knows: Due to a lack of trust in Toni Tapalovic (42), the trainer was the internal driving force behind Neuer’s best man, buddy and goalkeeper trainer being thrown out. Of course the keeper knows that…

Were a committed successful duo at Bayern for eleven years: Manuel Neuer and Toni Tapalovic (r.)

Foto: picture alliance / Lackovic

In the Hammer interview, Neuer said about the importance of “Tapa” being thrown out for working with Nagelsmann: “It means that I discuss things with Julian and that I work with him professionally. We were very open with each other. He knows where I stand.”

From now on, Neuer only wants to work professionally with his coach. Not enough for a trusting cooperation in the future? Actually, the relationship between coach and captain should be a little more intense.

For Neuer, a large part of the “Mia san mia” feeling is gone: “A big disappointment. This is about the human side of things, about the way a valued employee was treated. At Bayern Munich we want to be different – a family. And then something happens that I have never experienced before. It’s a sad thing for everyone.”

Does Neuer want to play under Nagelsmann again at all?

Yes! Neuer does not want to make his decision about a possible career end dependent on the coach. He has already experienced Heynckes, Guardiola, Ancelotti, Kovac and Flick, winning everything including two trebles (2013 and 2020).

He has just emphasized that he is not thinking of retiring from Bayern or the national team: “If I don’t perform well, I will vacate my post. But don’t expect that to happen.”

Should the keeper no longer find his world-class form after breaking his leg, he wants to herald the end of his career.

Neuer: “I fight for the good of the club and will never be an obstacle. I’m a team player and as captain I have a special responsibility.”

Responded immediately to Neuer's hammer statements: CEO Oliver Kahn

Responded immediately to Neuer’s hammer statements: CEO Oliver Kahn

Photo: picture alliance/dpa/Revierfoto

But many fans on Twitter and Instagram see things differently at the captain level. They accuse Neuer of behaving unworthy of a team leader. The bosses around Oliver Kahn (53) are also angry. The CEO told dpa: “What Manuel said in parts of these two interviews in connection with Toni Tapalovic’s release does not do justice to him as a captain or to the values ​​of FC Bayern.”

Next up are talks between Neuer and the bosses. Kahn: “We’ll talk to him about it very clearly.” If Neuer doesn’t fully clarify his problems with Nagelsmann afterwards, his future in Bayern’s goal is in the stars…

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