A great drama was provided for us by the Brazilian national team tonight (Wednesday to Thursday)- The Salsas scored a super-dramatic 1-2 draw over Colombia in the third round of the Copa America home stage, maintained a perfect balance and secured their place in the quarter-finals, so the game against Ecuador on the night between Sunday and Monday will be a protocol only for them-

And what a huge victory it was for Brazil tonight- She fell behind, pressed, pressed and pressed, and only in the 78th minute was she able to achieve the equalizer and set up 1: 1- The referee added 10 minutes of extra time, and just at the last second, in the 100th minute (!), Kasmiro hit a corner kick that Neymar raised, set up a reversal and gave Celsao a victory-

To be precise, Casimiro scored in the 99:22 minute no goal was scored later in the Copa America since Arturo Vidal found the net in the Chile uniform in the 99:48 minute against Bolivia in 2016- By the way, the Brazilian team absorbed today after six consecutive games in which it kept a clean sheet- The last time it absorbed it defeated Peru 2: 4 – which was also the last game in which the Brazilians absorbed first- Also, tonight’s game was the first since November 2019 in which Brazil goes down halfway behind-

Casimiro celebrates with Marcinius | Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Coach Chicha recorded a tenth consecutive victory in all competitions along with Brazil, and he dreams of the team’s record of consecutive victories- The all-time record at the Salsa was signed by Mario Zagalo, who recorded 14 consecutive victories with his trainees – all in 1997-

By the way, in the second half Neymar was close to scoring a goal that would have been remembered for a long time, but recorded a huge miss- The Paris Saint-Germain star received an extraordinary pass from Roberto Firmino with the heel, passed the goalkeeper and from a not-so-simple angle kicked just to the crossbar- He took Firmino the cooking of the season, but one way or another the beautiful goal in that game was scored by Luis Diaz of Colombia, who provided a spectacular number-

Kasmiro, Who scored the winning goal in the 100th minute, said at the end: “Colombia reached one situation in the game- It stayed behind, reached the goal once and was effective- This game was an attack in front of defense, they did not want to play football,” stung Real Madrid contact The opponent, but also complimented later: “Colombia has quality, it’s always hard to play against them- They have a lot of players who play at the highest levels of Europe-“

“Chicha is very clear with us and he makes us stay mentally strong even in the 95th and 98th minute,” Kasmiro continued, praising his coach- “Our team is always mentally strong and we were looking for the victory even in the 100th minute- The condition of the pitch was not good and hit those who have more quality, those who want the ball more- We want to win the Copa America and win all the games-“

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